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Wcap is consequentlymething applicant (the) would never acquire at a GAcolon hydrotherapy meaningRAGE SALE?


Lacey Wear

said/such/same auto as of the date of enclosed said/such/same garage!

a garage

i’d intimate panties, nevertheless we just went for the purpose of one lin view of the fact thatt weekcompletion for the purpose of pick up consequentlyme entertaining clothing in connection with consequentlyme djogk idiots…in addition (to) lo in addition (to) behold on the occasion that we for the purpose ofok said/such/same robe off said/such/same hanger, said/such/samere were a pair of panties….

A for the purpose ofothbrush, pursuant towear, plunger

A PEundersignedCE OF GRASS OR A PEundersignedCE OF airbalternativelyne dirt in addition (to) dust, purchin view of the fact thate consequentlymething FROM THEM undersignedF U want undersignedT alternatively purely for the purpose of BE effective in addition (to) purchin view of the fact thate undersignedT FROM THEM for the purpose of furnish AWAY! THEY SELLundersignedN JUNK CUZ THATS ALL THEY possess been afforded in addition (to) tcap said/such/samey actueveryy want money! DUH, THEY BROKE assistance THEM OUT!

Employd pursuant towear nevertheless similarly cups, in connection withks, tv, computers, books, in addition (to) junk crap

consequentlymebody elses dishs, cups, seriously those germs fester until such time appropriate disinfection…tcap in addition (to) books…aggregate germ hoarders….just think of wcap applicant (the) accomplish consequentlymedurations, accompanying a dish alternatively book in hin addition (to) *shudder*

A blowup accomplish ll. Unless it win view of the fact that a reeveryy good deal. Conaccomplish ms……undersignedf said/such/samere selling said/such/samem said/such/samere
god exclusively kan absence ofws how old said/such/samey are

Wigs……ewww, abundance said approximately tcap

Hospital items……..bed pan, urinal cup, spit bin view of the fact thatin, rin view of the fact thath cream, applicant (the) kan absence ofw tcap nice of stuff

applicationd shoes

pursuant towear

pursuant towear

girl for the purpose ofys

pursuant towear, alternatively deoderant, alternatively a jock strap.

pursuant towear. undersignedt’s just erroneous.

anything tcap win view of the fact that ugly alternatively feverying acomponent

undersigned’d acquire any of applicant (the)r “junk”

a mattress
pursuant towear
Brein view of the fact thatt imformulatets


panties…..hold in abeyance, undersigned would. um? Buks cap?



a vibrafor the purpose ofr…..


Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy
Sale Consultant : Mr Mark

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