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Colonic FAQ


Colonic FAQ

What physically happens during a colonic session?

After lying down on a comfortable massage table, disposable tubing is opened in front of you. The therapist instructs the client to inhale and exhale. On exhale, their own breath will take in the lubricated speculum with a tapered end. This takes about 10 breaths. Then the speculum is attached to clear tubing, which is attached to a viewing window (like a tv with glass plumbing in it, called a “closed system”). Everything is sealed. No mess, fumes or embarrassment. The client is covered with a blanket and given a comfortable pillow. The person can comfortably watch what is coming out, while the therapist explains the meaning of the consistency of the feces.

The machine has a viewing tube with special lighting which allows you and the therapist to examine what is coming out of your body. This provides you an opportunity to discuss what is happening and to ask any questions about what you see.

A single sessions usually lasts 60- minutes, where the colon therapist infuses 5 to 20 gallons of filtered water into your colon. During a fill, only the volume of water that feels comfortable for you is introduced. Once you feel full, you tell the therapist and the water is then released. Your colon empties out into the drainage tube, carrying with it fecal and toxic matter that has been dislodged as well as parasites. This filling and emptying continues, along with abdominal massaging, for the entire session.

Unlike laxatives, which weaken the colon muscles over time, colonics promote the natural contraction of the colon (peristalsis).

Once you and your therapist are done on the machine, you will sit on the toilet to release the remaining waste.

How will I feel during a colonic session?

It is natural for most people to be nervous the first time, but after that the sessions become easy and relaxing. Many clients are even able to take a nap during their session. As an intuitive healer, Rysia can help you guide your thoughts and relax in order to release both the physical, emotional and mental waste burdening your body.

Clients with more severe colon issues can experience more intense sessions (sometimes including cramping). Don’t worry though, that is a sign that your colon is responding to the treatments and it is common for the following session to be significantly better.

How long does a session last?

A colonic session usually takes between one hour to one and a half hours depending on the condition.

Is there any pain involved?

No. As your colon fills with water you may have some cramping. Your therapist uses this cue to empty your colon and assist you to release. Good communication with the therapist is what makes it a pain-free experience. When someone is experiencing discomfort, I will massage the belly, or slow the flow of water, or let them sit on the toilet. One of the main jobs of the client is to tell me when he or she feels full. At this point, I will let out the water that has been building up in the colon. With the release of water comes stool.

Will colonics help me lose weight?

Let me ask you, does feces have weight? The answer is yes so therefore, it depends on how much we release. Many people can carry between 10-50+ pounds of fecal matter in their bowels. After colonic sessions, clients report feeling lighter and less bloated. Results vary from person to person. If you carry a lot of fat, colonics cannot release fat. Fat has to be burned by adjusting diet and physical activity.

Will one session completely empty my colon?

Definitely not. In much of the literature it is written that many of us can carry ten or more pounds of impacted feces in our colon . This is hardened, rubbery material that has been baking in your 98 degree body for years and substantial work must be done to remove it. The number of recommended sessions will be determined by how you release. This depends a lot on your current situation, which should be discussed with your therapist.

How often should I have a colonic?

This depends on the desired results and severity of the issues(s). For most people, regular colon cleansing can be a very healthy and preventative choice. Your therapist will let you know approximately how many sessions you will need after your first session and this may change over time as the “plumbing” start to flow.

After a colonic will I need to be close to the toilet all day?

No, this is not a worry. When you go to the toilet after releasing your anus will shut off. The same thing happens after colonics.

How will I feel when I am finished?

Depends on the release. Most people feel relieved from gases and waste. Clients report feeling lighter, happier and sexier (men watch out!)

Is there any time I shouldn’t have colonics?

Yes! When you are afraid to feel good.