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colonic machine cost

colonic machine cost
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    What is Colonic machine?

    colonic machine cost

    Colon colonic machine History-Colon colonic machine dates back to ancient Egyptian times and was used as a “cleansing ritual” to eliminate the toxins in the body believed to cause disease and death, according to the American Cancer Society, or ACS. In the 19th century, the theory of “autointoxication” gained momentum, and laxatives, purges and enemas gained popularity as a means of removing the accumulated waste from the large intestines. In the 1920s to 1930s, the use of hydrocolon cleansing grew in the United States with the modernization of irrigation machines in the health-care facilities.

    Colonic machine what it?

    There are toxins pretty much everywhere and, unfortunately, many wind up finding their way into our bodies.

    Our food, water, and environment all harbor these harmful bacteria and can cause unpleasant symptoms such as gastrointestinal distress.

    While our digestive system is equipped to expel these toxins, colonic machine can help with natural process and improve the function of your colon, especially if you suffer from digestive issues.

    Colonic machine is also commonly referred to as colonic irrigation or colon cleansing. And yes, it’s similar to an enema, but uses more liquid.

    Also, colonic machine can use special herbs, enzymes, or probiotics to boost the medicinal properties.

    colonic machine cost

    How Colonic machine work?

    The working principle of

    The medical colonic treatment instrument firstly filtered the tap water and mineralized into the small molecule active water through the mineralization filter, and at the same time added many kinds of microelements needed by human body

    After through constant temperature heating device, mineralized water heating is about 37 ℃ (close to the body temperature of constant temperature, finally, attached with a type of spa will easily into the intestinal water head

    After the substance is diluted and dissolved, the medical colonic treatment instrument can simultaneously stimulate intestinal peristalsis through the water, so as to rapidly discharge the waste (toxins) out of the body, and ultimately achieve the internal body ecological balance, characterized by its ecological and natural characteristics, is a green balance therapy integrating treatment, rehabilitation, health care and health maintenance.

    Product advantage

    Bowel rehydration: medical colonic therapy USES mineral warm water to increase the lubricity of the bowel and stimulate intestinal peristalsis to produce a defecation reflex and use it regularly to relieve defecation problem, insist for a long time can assure the normal function of large intestine adequately.

    Detoxify and beautify your face: medical colonic treatment instrument is used to clean the intestinal tract. The fermented products and other harmful substances in the feces can be quickly excreted to make the intestinal tract healthier and the skin healthier

    Symptoms such as dryness, discoloration, darkness, and acne will naturally disappear.

    Slimming and slimming: medical colonic therapy can help to lose weight by adjusting the internal environment of the digestive system to balance metabolic disorders. On the other hand, large intestine cleaning can be completed

    Avoid the forced absorption of the small intestine, which has a significant effect on weight loss in the waist and abdomen.

    Purification of blood: the cleaning of intestinal endotoxin effectively improves the cleanliness of peripheral blood. Relying on the blood circulation system, the toxin in blood is gradually cleared away and the blood is reduced

    Pressure, blood lipids, blood acid, blood sugar have positive effect.

    Strengthen immunity: clear up toxins in the body, effectively reduce the burden of liver detoxification, rely on the body self-balance system to delay the aging of the body, repair the imbalance of the body, and enhance the human body self – defense and self – healing initiative.

    colonic machine cost

    Product features

    1. Automatic control device, which can be operated by the user without the presence of others, is highly secretive.
    2. Full touch operation and double screen display.
    3. The disposable rectal catheter ensures one-time use and immediate destruction, avoiding the risk of cross infection.
    4. The scientifically researched functional spa bed with the bottom of the excretory basin can relieve and relieve freely, which is convenient, comfortable, painless, leakage free and odorless.
    5. Low voltage operation, double-layer hydraulic pressure regulation and temperature warning controlled by computer, which is more safe for human body.
    6. Add separate dosing device to meet the requirement of retention enema treatment after intestinal cleaning.

    How to use Colonic machine?


    Why Colonic machine?

    Do you frequently experience headaches, allergies, joint pain, muscle aches, bloating, gas, constipation, flu-like illness, or just chronic fatigue? Have you tried traditional and natural methods (pharmaceutical drugs, vitamins, herbs, surgery, vaccines, etc.) only to always end up right back where you started?

    A healthy, functioning colon is essential to maintaining good health. Your colon is responsible for eliminating waste from the body. Over time, your colon loses its ability to properly eliminate junk food from the small and large intestinal tracts due to a combination of poor diet and/or lifestyle. This can cause the colon to become sluggish and backed up as well as the body.

    Colon Hydrotherapy is a proven solution to this problem and an excellent way to achieving optimal health for your body mind and soul.

    Clean your Colon: No detox is complete without a colon cleanse to flush out toxins, impurities and waste. Methods of colon cleansing include colonic machine, enemas and eating right. When choosing the right cleanse for you, opt for an all-natural cleanse developed by a health professional who can ensure that good bacteria is preserved and necessary nutrients are entering your body as waste is leaving.”

    Colonic machine BENEFITS:-It breaks down toxic fecal matter so toxins can’t easily invade your bloodstream and other organs!
    It tones, nourishes and helps restore your colon. Eliminates constipation and diarrhea without drugs.
    Removes waist quickly restoring energy for the body and equipping immunity to work at peak performance!
    Improves nutrient absorption, removes toxic mucous plaque, providing a favorable environment for friendly bacteria to grow.
    Helps the major filters of the body – liver, kidneys, lungs and skin to eliminate toxins easily.
    Hydrates tissues and cells. Increases circulation and assist cardiovascular system to work better.
    Increases abdominal muscle tone due to reducing intestinal residues
    Relaxing effect on organs above intestines such as the liver, heart, and lungs.
    Colonic machine improves functions of the large intestines, lymph and nervous system because a relation exists between them in the GI tract.
    Sensation of well being due to the elimination of mucus, undigested food, gases and toxic bacteria, fungi, parasites.
    Reduces weight and slims due to activating elimination
    Relieves gynecological disorders such as cystitis and dysmenorrhea due to reduction of a prolapsed intestine.
    Relieves prostate issues such as inflammation and enlargement by flushing out pathogens

    Colonic machine cost

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