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clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine

clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine
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    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine

    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine?

    Onsite clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine service

    Preoperative Colon Cleaning

    Outstanding features:

    Portable design, small and compact, no installation needed

    2L water tank with heater

    Flow and temperature can be adjusted

    Full parameters indicated on LCD screen, including the temperature, flow, and alarms

    Alarms for safety protection

    Mineral filter installed

    Easy operation, convenient and practical:

    Remote controller

    Voice Prompt

    Blue light for level indication

    Remaining water drain system

    Work with 3 types of nozzle


    Water storage Capacity ≥ 2.0L

    Rated Voltage AC 220V

    Rated Frequency 50Hz

    Rated Power ≤1000W

    Noise Level ≤70dB Average

    Weight Net2.3kg/Gross 3.4

    Environmental Conditions

    Environmental Temperature: 5~40℃

    Relative Humidity: ≤75%

    Atmpspheric Pressure: 75~106 Kpa

    Power: AC220V/50Hz

    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine

    What Is Hydrocolon Cleansing?

    Hydrocolon cleansing, or colon irrigation, is an alternative therapy used for detoxification. The procedure involves using water, herbal solutions and enzymes to eliminate toxins in the gastrointestinal system. Hydrocolon cleansing is not a substitute for medical treatment; consult with your health care provider to discuss any potential risks.

    A colonic hygienist or a colon therapist administers hydrocolon cleansing, which generally lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes. You will generally have multiple appointments to achieve optimal benefits. During the procedure, a practitioner inserts a tube through the rectum and into the colon. A gravity-driven machine pumps water into the large intestines, while the therapist massages your abdomen to help remove the waste material collected on the wall of the colon. The eliminated waste exits the body through another tube.

    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine

    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine Benefits

    1. It get things moving.
    If you’ve never experienced constipation, count yourself lucky.

    An estimated 4 million individuals in the United States suffer from frequent constipation and an astonishing 900 people die annually from diseases linked to the condition.

    Ideally, you should be going to the bathroom at least once a day. Going a few days without moving your bowels can lead to some seriously unpleasant symptoms like bloating, gas, and weight gain.

    Historically, colon cleanses have long been used as a treatment for constipation. In fact, ancient Egyptians were among the first to pioneer the use of colon cleanses thousands of years ago.

    Evidence suggests that the use of clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine can help alleviate constipation and get bowels moving.

    This works through two mechanisms: the fluid helps soften stool while the nozzle of the enema works by loosening the rectum, quickly and easily treating constipation.

    2. It helps detoxify the colon.

    Our body does a pretty incredible job at detoxing itself. But over the years, toxins and bacteria can start to build up and take a toll on the body.

    Many toxins that enter our body, regardless of the source, will end up making it all the way to the colon.

    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine is a great way to help the colon do its job and remove any harmful bacteria.

    Ridding the body of toxins and waste can help with digestion while promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal flora. Removing lingering toxins can also help improve nutrient absorption and overall health.

    3. It boosts weight loss.

    If weight loss is your goal, clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine might be what you’re looking for to kickstart the process.

    Colon cleanses work by essentially clearing your colon of all the build-up and stool, so it’s no wonder that you’re going to be shedding a few pounds in the process.

    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine can also help with continued weight loss by clearing up constipation, deflating bloat, and increasing nutrient absorption.

    Paired with a high-fiber diet and plenty of hydration, clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine can be an effective tool in revving up weight loss.

    4. It improves the immune system.

    The intestines are just one of our body’s natural defense systems. In addition to the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and lymphatic system, the intestines are responsible for keeping us healthy by excreting dangerous bacteria.

    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine helps with this process by pulling out built-up toxins, which helps give our immune systems a boost.

    5. It promotes colon health.
    High-fiber diets have been repeatedly linked to a decreased risk of colon cancer. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the protective effect of fiber can be attributed to its ability to add bulk to the digestive system and shorten the travel time of waste through the colon .

    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine performs a similar mechanism by cleaning out the intestines, preventing waste from building up, and speeding up transit time by spurring a bowel movement.

    It also softens stool and makes it easier to pass, keeping the colon clear and blocking the build-up of toxins that can lead to the formation of growths, cysts, and polyps.

    6. It can increase fertility.

    Excess weight can make it harder to get pregnant. Often, overweight and obese women experience hormonal imbalances that can affect menstrual cycles and inhibit ovulation .

    Obese men can also have decreased fertility. This is attributed to the effect of excess weight on hormone and semen production.

    Cleansing the colon helps shed extra pounds and jumpstart weight loss. This can lead to an increase in fertility as well as alleviate problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome that can affect hormone balance.

    7. It maintains pH levels in the blood.
    Acid-forming foods like meat, sugar, refined grains, and processed foods are the most common culprits when it comes to causing blockages in the colon.

    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine


    Not only does this lead to inflammation and a general feeling of fatigue and sluggishness, it can also keep the colon from doing its job.

    If the digestive system isn’t working properly and can’t efficiently remove waste and bacteria, it can cause toxins and bacteria to escape into the bloodstream. This can cause alterations in the pH balance of the blood, leading to a condition called acidosis.

    Common symptoms include drowsiness, headache, confusion, and shortness of breath .

    8. It boosts our digestive system.
    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine improves digestion

    Removing built-up toxins and bacteria that may be coating your intestines can help streamline the efficiency of your gastrointestinal tract.

    Cleansing the colon allows for greater nutrient absorption, clearing the path so that your body can get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs from the foods we eat.

    It also helps to ease the burden on the colon so that it can work even better by removing blockages, relieving constipation, and keeping the GI tract totally clear.


    Why we need clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine?

    Colon is the major path through which waste and toxins get out of your body.

    Laxatives, Enemas, Probiotics are not effective remedies for constipation because they cannot get to the real source of your digestive issues.
    Colon autopsies show it and now studies prove that-even if you have a regular, daily bowel movement-you may possible have 10-12 lbs. of hardened, toxic, bacteria-laden fecal matter stuck in your intestines!
    And this putrid, toxic, backed-up mess is aggravating your digestive system and taxing the rest of your organs more and more every day.
    This causes bloating, abdominal pressure, diarrhea, colon pain, gastric discomfort and big belly, even though the majority of people reported they have no problem with constipation.

    These layers of dried up fecal matter are the REAL cause of your digestive problems and most other problems with health that you never imagined were related.

    Laxatives or enemas cannot flush this toxic, rotting crap out of your colon!which is 5 feet long and has hundreds of folds and wrinkles where can get stuck and can swell to 9 inches wide like overstuffed vacuum cleaner!

    Laxatives or enemas only clean about eight inches of the lower end of your large intestine. However, large intestine is about 5 FEET LONG, (small intestine – 20 feet). You will not believe what can come out of you untill you see it with your own eyes!

    Most first time clients get surprised what a relief they feel after their body has released pounds of accumulated old stuff, including including mucus or even parasites! Some clients have so much bad stuff flushed out that their stomach gets flatter.
    you’ll be glad that your colon is cleansed of this stinky, toxic waste!

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    clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine


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