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colonic gravity machine

colonic gravity machine
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    colonic gravity machine colonic gravity machine colonic gravity machine

    What is the Best Colonic Machine?

    If you want to have your colon cleansed, then you should consider getting the MonKon Colonic Machine device open Colonic Machine. This is a treatment that involves inserting a pencil-thin tube into the rectum. Water is pumped through the rectal tube. The water is purified before it is inserted into the tube.

    The flow of the water is controlled by a trained therapist. This treatment stimulates a process called peristalsis, which is the involuntary restriction and relaxation of the muscles.
    Benefits of Using the MonKon Colonic Machine Colonic Machine

    There are many ways reasons that you should get a colon cleanse. While this treatment is not designed to cure any specific medical condition, it can improve your health in a number of ways. Removing toxins from the body can help boost the immune system. When you have a strong immune system, your body will have an easier time fighting off toxins. This treatment can also help alleviate digestive issues, such as constipation and diarrhea.

    Additionally, this treatment can boost your energy. Fatigue is often associated with the build-up of toxins inside of the body. The MonKon Colonic Machine device open Colonic Machine can also help you sleep better at night.

    This treatment is often recommended for people who are preparing for a colonoscopy. Many people prepare for a colonoscopy by getting a chemical laxative. However, this can be inconvenient. Colon hydrotherapy helps cleanse the colon without using any drugs.
    What to Expect

    This procedure will be performed inside of a private room. The treatment will be administered while you are lying on the table. The therapist will not have to be in the room the entire time you are getting the treatment.
    Do I Need to get a Colon Cleanse on a Regular Basis?

    colonic gravity machine

    where to get a colonic near me?

    There are many ways that you can benefit from making the MonKon Colonic Machine Colonic Machine a part of your lifestyle. You can reduce your chances of developing gastrointestinal issues by getting a colon cleanse on a regular basis. You may also be able to reduce your chances of developing other health issues, such as headaches, fatigue, body odor and bad breath.
    Is This Procedure Painful?

    This procedure is not painful for most patients. However, it is normal to have some slight discomfort during this procedure, but that is normal. The discomfort is caused by the colon contracting when it removes the waste. The procedure should be comfortable and relaxing once the impacted waste is removed.


    Colonic therapy dates back to ancient Egyptian times and was used as a “cleansing ritual” to eliminate the toxins in the body believed to cause disease and death, according to the American Cancer Society, or ACS. In the 19th century, the theory of “autointoxication” gained momentum, and laxatives, purges and enemas gained popularity as a means of removing the accumulated waste from the large intestines. In the 1920s to 1930s, the use of hydroColonic cleansing grew in the United States with the modernization of irrigation machines in the health-care facilities.

    colonic gravity machine colonic gravity machine


    Colonic Hydrotherapy benefits

    Colonic Hydrotherapy promotes weight-loss; improves metabolic functioning; increases energy and vitality; improves muscle tone in the colon; removes of hardened waste material, mucus and toxins; restores proper pH balance to the body; boosts the immune system; recolonizes the colon with good bacteria; promotes return of normal, regular bowel movement; cleanses and purifies the blood; reduces gas and bloating; gets rid of candida yeast; lifts depression; clears headaches and migraines; clears skin problems; increases mental clarity; promotes healthy food craving; adds freshness and enthusiasm.

    I am a big proponent of colonic hydrotherapy. I recommend it to my clients for weight-loss, healing and rejuvenation. I have found colonics and other therapies very helpful throughout my pregnancy. Colonic Hydrotherapy makes me feel lighter, healthier and more emotionally balanced. Combining these therapies with a healthy diet and raw vegan life-style makes a perfect journey to self-empowerment and longevity.”

    – Evita Ramparte – journalist, coach and mother


    How to use the Colonic Machine?

    The Patient/Client undresses from the waist down and is properly draped during session. A small colon cleansing nozzle is gently and easily inserted in privacy. Colon cleansing nozzle are ‘size of a pencil’, single use, and disposed of after use.
    Colonic Machinebar2
    Water flows through a Carbon Filter which removes any sediment, rust, or chlorine. The water is purified by an Ultra Violet Purification System, before it passes through the colon cleansing nozzle. Water flows gently into the rectum and waste releases naturally.

    A gentle slow rate of UV purified-temperature safe water is fed from the gravity-fed Column. Less than TEN gallons of water may be used during the session at a safe temperature of 98 F. to 102 F. (36.8ºC to 38.ºC) (Water temperature is safely controlled and adjusted). An Odor Exhaust System insures that the session room and entire center remains odor free. (Odor System is included with the purchase of the Colonic Machine Device)

    Colonic Machine base (table) has over three feet of clear viewing tube, which allows the patient/client and the therapist to easily view (without any odor) the waste during releases.

    A rinsing sprayer is used to rinse bottom after session. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. Modesty is protected at all times.

    A trained colon hydro therapist is always nearby to monitor and provide patient/client assistance and comfort as needed.

    After each session the Colonic Machine is easily and safely disinfected.

    colonic gravity machine colonic gravity machine

    Who need Colonic Machine?

    As a colon hydrotherapist you will develop a well-rounded awareness and expertise as a digestive consultant.Medical Doctors (MD’s, ND’s) Chiropractors, Nurses, Licensed Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, professionals involved in colonoscopy procedures, pre-endoscopy preparation.

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    colonic gravity machine colonic gravity machine



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