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colonic irrigation equipment uk

colonic irrigation equipment uk
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    What is Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK?

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    Colon hydrotherapy is also called intestinal lavage, which use filter water to thoroughly clean colon and eliminate toxins in the body. It has the function of improve constipation, correct diarrhea, adjust intestinal flora imbalance, and prevent bowel cancer. And it also has the effects of beauty, skin care, weight loss, and regulation of endocrine disorders.

    Colon hydrotherapy is popular used in American and European hospital, clinic and beauty club. It is becoming a popular beauty and detoxification method and is treated the hottest Physical and natural therapy for colon and body healthy.

    Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK, with a mineralizing and filtering device, tap water will be mineralized and filtered in to micromolecule active water, which can add microelement into water that human body needs. After filtering, the mineral water will be heated into 37℃ with a heating device. Then the water will be infused into human’s colon with a attached hydrotherapy head. The water will attenuation and dissolve the waste in the colon. Meanwhile the water will stimulate the intestinal tract to wriggle and the waste mixture will be excreted out of body.
    The client generally lies down on the hydrotherapy bed and the filtered constant temperature water is pumped through the rectum via a tube. Fluids and waste are expelled through another tube. A large volume of fluid, up to 60 litres would be introduced into the colon via the rectum. The procedure may be repeated several times.
    It can create ecological balance in the human body. The natural and ecological feature is a new type of treatment which consists of therapy, recovery and good health.

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    dotolo colonic machine usa what it how work why it and who need it?

    Colon Hydrotherapy is the natural evolution of the enema, it can reduce weight , prolong life, increase metabolism, improve sleep and gastrointestinal function.
    Such procedure commonly involved the use of “Colonic Irrigation Systems” , which are medical devices originally intended for bowel preparation before radiological or endoscopic procedures.

    colonic irrigation equipment uk


    How Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK work?

    The working principle ofA
    The medical colonic treatment instrument firstly filtered the tap water and mineralized into the small molecule active water through the mineralization filter, and at the same time added many kinds of microelements needed by human body

    After through constant temperature heating device, mineralized water heating is about 37 ℃ (close to the body temperature of constant temperature, finally, attached with a type of spa will easily into the intestinal water head

    After the substance is diluted and dissolved, the medical colonic treatment instrument can simultaneously stimulate intestinal peristalsis through the water, so as to rapidly discharge the waste (toxins) out of the body, and ultimately achieve the internal body ecological balance, characterized by its ecological and natural characteristics, is a green balance therapy integrating treatment, rehabilitation, health care and health maintenance.


    Product advantage

    Bowel rehydration: medical colonic therapy USES mineral warm water to increase the lubricity of the bowel and stimulate intestinal peristalsis to produce a defecation reflex and use it regularly to relieve defecation problem, insist for a long time can assure the normal function of large intestine adequately.

    Detoxify and beautify your face: medical colonic treatment instrument is used to clean the intestinal tract. The fermented products and other harmful substances in the feces can be quickly excreted to make the intestinal tract healthier and the skin healthier

    Symptoms such as dryness, discoloration, darkness, and acne will naturally disappear.

    Slimming and slimming: medical colonic therapy can help to lose weight by adjusting the internal environment of the digestive system to balance metabolic disorders. On the other hand, large intestine cleaning can be completed

    Avoid the forced absorption of the small intestine, which has a significant effect on weight loss in the waist and abdomen.

    Purification of blood: the cleaning of intestinal endotoxin effectively improves the cleanliness of peripheral blood. Relying on the blood circulation system, the toxin in blood is gradually cleared away and the blood is reduced

    Pressure, blood lipids, blood acid, blood sugar have positive effect.

    Strengthen immunity: clear up toxins in the body, effectively reduce the burden of liver detoxification, rely on the body self-balance system to delay the aging of the body, repair the imbalance of the body, and enhance the human body self – defense and self – healing initiative.

    Product features

    1. Automatic control device, which can be operated by the user without the presence of others, is highly secretive.

    2. Full touch operation and double screen display.

    3. The disposable rectal catheter ensures one-time use and immediate destruction, avoiding the risk of cross infection.

    4. The scientifically researched functional spa bed with the bottom of the excretory basin can relieve and relieve freely, which is convenient, comfortable, painless, leakage free and odorless.

    5. Low voltage operation, double-layer hydraulic pressure regulation and temperature warning controlled by computer, which is more safe for human body.

    6. Add separate dosing device to meet the requirement of retention enema treatment after intestinal cleaning.

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    Can a colonic detox your body?

    The colon is distressed with all the burden from our daily consumption habits like excess consumption of animal proteins, processed food, fat, and sugar. Imagine loading your washing machine with very dirty clothes all the time before even waiting for it to finish cleaning. That is how the toxic material ends up re-entering our bloodstream and reducing our bodies capacity to function at an optimum level.


    Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK Indications

    Difficulty in defecation, Constipation
    Hepatitis, abnormal liver function
    Nephritis, abnormal kidney function,
    Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
    Spots, acnes, sickly complexion, and rough skin caused by the piling up impacted feces.
    Endocrine disorders, fatness impacted feces
    Insomnia, dizziness, fatigue and other sub-health state related to impacted feces Prevention of colorectal cancer
    Prevention of Hemorrhoids, anal fissure
    Gynecological washing, treatment and prevention of gynecological inflammation

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    Who need Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK?

    As a colon hydrotherapist you will develop a well-rounded awareness and expertise as a digestive consultant.Medical Doctors (MD’s, ND’s) Chiropractors, Nurses, Licensed Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, professionals involved in colonoscopy procedures, pre-endoscopy preparation.


    Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK FAQ

    Does The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Include Both a Cartridge Filter System and a
    Ultra-Violet Water Purification System? YES
    Does the “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Include a Comfortable Seamless Fiberglass
    Base (TABLE) That Is Easy To Clean And Disinfect? YES
    Is the “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” an Odorless System ? YES
    Does The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Prevent Leaks & Very Messy Blow-Outs? YES
    Does The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Have a 3 Foot Long, Large 2 Inch Viewing Tube? YES
    Does The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Provide Both Gravity Fed and Pressure Controlled Water? YES
    Can The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Be Operated in Privacy For Those Who Prefer Solitude? YES
    Does the “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Use A Small But Comfortable Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK Colon Cleansing Nozzles (Size Of Pencil) That Are Low Cost? YES
    Are The Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK Colon Cleansing Nozzles Individually Wrapped, Disposable and
    Labeled For “SINGLE USE ONLY “? YES
    Does The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Allow Feces 2 inch’s Thick to Pass Into Sewer? YES
    Does The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Allow Therapist Hands Free to Provide
    Reflexology, Meridian or Breath – Energy Techniques, Etc. ? YES
    Can Client Release Without Having To Inform Therapist ? YES
    Is The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Comfortable, Inexpensive to Operate and
    Easy To Use ? YES
    Is The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” ; Safe, Built to Last and Easy to Maintain ? YES
    Are Large Speculums With 5 Feet of Plastic Tubing That Cost Up To
    $4.00 Each Used on the “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” ? NO
    Does The “Colonic Irrigation Equipment UK” Require The Added Expense Of Gowns,
    Pads or Extra Sheets Due To Messy Leaks and Blow-Outs ? NO

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk

    colonic irrigation equipment uk


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