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Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale
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    What is a Dotolo Colonic Machine?

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colon cleansing, uses filtered water to thoroughly cleanse the colon and eliminate toxins from the body. It has the ability to improve constipation, correct diarrhea, regulate intestinal flora imbalance, and prevent bowel cancer. It also has cosmetic, skincare, weight loss and endocrine disorder regulating properties.

    Colonic hydrotherapy is widely used in hospitals, clinics and beauty clubs in the United States and Europe. It is becoming a popular beauty and detoxification method and is considered one of the hottest natural remedies for keeping the colon and body healthy.


    How does the Dotolo Colonic Machine work?

    Working Principle

    The colonic medical equipment first filters tap water through a mineralization filter, mineralizing it into small molecules of active water, while adding a variety of trace elements needed by the human body.

    After passing through a thermostatic heating device, the mineral water is heated to about 37°C (close to the constant temperature of the body, and finally, a hot spring is attached that will easily enter the intestinal head)

    After the substance is diluted and dissolved, it can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis through water at the same time, so that the waste (toxins) can be quickly discharged from the body, and finally achieve ecological balance in the body, its ecological characteristics of natural features, is a kind of treatment, rehabilitation, health care and health maintenance in one of the green balance therapy.

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Product advantages

    Colonic Rehydration: Colonic Medicine uses the mineral warm water to increase the lubrication of the intestines and stimulate bowel movements to produce a bowel reflex.

    Detoxify and beautify your face: Colon medical devices are used to cleanse the intestines. Fermentation products and other harmful substances in feces are quickly eliminated from the body, resulting in a healthier intestinal tract and healthier skin.

    Symptoms such as dryness, discoloration, dullness and acne will disappear naturally.

    Slimming and toning: colon medicine therapy can help with weight loss by regulating the internal environment of the digestive system to balance metabolism. On the other hand, it can complete a colon cleanse

    Avoid forced absorption of the small intestine, which has a major impact on weight loss in the waist and abdomen.

    Blood cleansing: the cleansing of toxins from the intestines effectively improves the cleanliness of the peripheral blood. Relying on the circulatory system, toxins are gradually removed from the blood and the blood is reduced

    Stress, blood lipids, blood acid, blood sugar all have a positive effect.

    Enhance immunity: remove toxins from the body, effectively reduce the burden of liver detoxification, rely on the human body self-balancing system to delay human aging, repair the human body imbalance, and enhance the human body’s self-defense ability to repair the initiative.

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    colonic irrigation benefits and risks

    Product Features

    The automatic control device is highly confidential and can be operated by the user without the presence of other people.

    2.Full touch operation and dual screen display.

    3. disposable rectal catheter ensures disposable use and immediate destruction, avoiding the risk of cross-infection.

    4. scientifically researched functional hydrotherapy bed with free release at the bottom of the drainage basin, convenient, comfortable, painless, non-leaking and odorless.

    5, low voltage operation, double hydraulic regulation, temperature warning by computer control, safer for the human body.

    6. Add a separate dosing device to meet the requirements of intestinal cleanliness after retaining enema.

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Dotolo Colonic Machine, 3 parts

    Colonic Irrigation Machine Operator Panel

    1. Fully automatic control of the entire working process of the colon hydrotherapy device
    Built-in patient information management system to store, check and print.
    3. Play casual music and videos to keep patients relaxed throughout the process.

    The machine can also be used to irrigate the colon.
    Colonic irrigation machine

    1.Comfortable hydrotherapy bed for patients to lie down and have a good time.
    2. Clean the colon and remove the fluid and waste from the patient’s colon.
    3. Inject a thermostatic solution to care for the colon.

    Colonic irrigation machine exhaust system

    A professional exhaust system that emits the odor of colonic waste throughout the treatment process, creating a clean and comfortable environment


    How do I use the Dotolo Colonic Machine?

    Patients/service users are undressed from the waist down and properly clothed during the procedure. Gently and easily insert a small colon cleansing nozzle for private use. The colon cleansing nozzle is “pencil sized” and is disposable and discarded after use.
    Colonic cleansing wand 2
    The water flows through a carbon filter which removes any sediment, rust or chlorine. Before the water passes through the colon cleansing nozzle, it is purified by an ultraviolet purification system. The water flows warmly and gently into the rectum and the waste is released naturally.

    From the gravity feed tower, the water is slowly fed with a slow UV purification temperature safety water. During this time, less than 10 gallons of water (safely controlled and regulated water temperature) can be used at a safe temperature of 98 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit (36.8ºC to 38.ºC). An odor exhaust system ensures that the conference room and the entire center remain odor-free. (Odor system included with purchase of Dotolo Colonic Machine equipment)

    The Dotolo Colonic Machine base (table) has over three feet of clear viewing tube, allowing the patient/servant and therapist to easily view the waste from the release process (no odor).

    Rinse the bottom with a rinse spray after flushing. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. Modesty is always protected.

    A trained colon hydrotherapist is always nearby to monitor and provide patient/client assistance and comfort as needed.

    The colon machine can be easily, safely sterilized at the end of each session.

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Dotolo Colonic Machine FAQ

    1.What else is a colon hydrotherapy device called?

    Colon hydrotherapy devices may also be referred to as colon, colon flush, high enema and colonic therapy.

    2. How do I know that colon hydrotherapy is good for me?
    We believe that everyone can benefit from colon hydrotherapy. Today, our diets consist primarily of refined, processed foods that are high in saturated fat and low in fiber. Eating these foods, overeating, neglecting elimination, stress and the urge to take medications can all lead to poor colon health. The colon has the highest concentration of bacteria in the human body. Waste that is allowed to stagnate alters the ratio of friendly to unfriendly bacteria, thus disrupting the microbial balance that is vital to colon and body health. Symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating or gastrointestinal pain may alert you to colonic discomfort.

    Will colon hydrotherapy cleanse the entire colon?

    It depends on the person and the person. If you eat a healthy diet and have a bowel movement after each meal, it is possible to reach the beginning of the colon. However, if you do not have regular bowel movements and eat an unhealthy diet, it may take several attempts to dislodge the solids from the walls of the colon.

    4.How many parts are included including the colonic hydrotherapy device?
    The colon hydrotherapy unit includes a host and control system, a software control system, a pure water treatment system, and a deodorization system.

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Dotolo Colonic Machine why?

    Get rid of constipation: The colon hydrotherapy system will dissolve and dilute the affected stool and stimulate natural bowel function. Removal of affected faeces and toxins: The colon hydrotherapy system physically removes affected faeces and toxins, thus reducing the risk of “autointoxication”.

    Not only are there residues of digested food, but also many toxins such as ammonia which can cause hepatic coma, hydrogen sulfide which affects the nervous system, methylindole which causes cancer, botulinum toxin, brown toxic alkaloids, benzene, formic acid, butyric acid and many more. As we age, feces and toxins gradually accumulate in the body.

    While they worsen blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other symptoms, they are absorbed into the blood system by the intestinal mucosa and can cause damage to organs as well as digestive problems and skin problems. The accumulation of affected feces in the colon over time is an important cause of colorectal cancer.

    Gynecological and skin disinfection: colon hydrotherapy systems (except comfort models) have an ozone generator that produces ozonated water to disinfect harmful bacteria. In addition to removing superficial skin bacteria, they can be used to kill harmful bacteria that may cause gynaecological inflammation and can therefore be used to treat vulvar inflammation.

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale

    Dotolo Colonic Machine For Sale


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