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eich colonic machine Here Quick Way to Know info

eich colonic machine Here Quick Way to Know info
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    What is Eich Colonic Machine?

    eich colonic machine

    eich colonic machine

    eich colonic machine

    Eich Colonic Machine, with a mineralizing and filtering device, tap water will be mineralized and filtered in to micromolecule active water, which can add microelement into water that human body needs. After filtering, the mineral water will be heated into 37℃ with a heating device. Then the water will be infused into human’s colon with a attached hydrotherapy head. The water will attenuation and dissolve the waste in the colon. Meanwhile the water will stimulate the intestinal tract to wriggle and the waste mixture will be excreted out of body.
    The client generally lies down on the hydrotherapy bed and the filtered constant temperature water is pumped through the rectum via a tube. Fluids and waste are expelled through another tube. A large volume of fluid, up to 60 litres would be introduced into the colon via the rectum. The procedure may be repeated several times.
    It can create ecological balance in the human body. The natural and ecological feature is a new type of treatment which consists of therapy, recovery and good health.

    eich colonic machine Here Quick Way to Know info

    clearwater colonic machine what it how work and how to use it?

    How Eich Colonic Machine Works

    Essentially, fluids are poured through a tube that has been inserted into the rectum.

    The fluid is then released as a normal bowel movement, expelling with it mucus, bacteria, and toxins. The process can be repeated several times and the entire process from start to finish can last up to an hour.

    The colon is the longest part of the large intestine, which is attached to the small intestine at one end and the anus at the other. The role of the colon is to eliminate stool from the body that’s made up of a combination of bacteria, water, unused nutrients, unneeded electrolytes and digested food.

    There are many different methods for performing a colon cleanse, which sometimes go under the names colonic, colonic irrigation, colon therapy or Eich Colonic Machine. You can also effectively flush the colon doing something like a juice fast, salt water flush or performing an enema. Colon cleanses are split into two main categories: one type requires that a professional perform the cleanse, while the other involves using a solution or supplement at home.

    One of the most common reasons someone would have a colonic done by a professional is because he or she is preparing for surgery or a medical procedure (such as colonoscopy) that requires the colon to be completely clear from accumulated waste. On the other hand, cleansing is commonly done at home using an enema, laxatives or herbal supplements (like senna) to relieve constipation, bloating and other digestive symptoms.

    Many colon cleanses work by inserting a tube into the rectum followed by large amounts of water, which makes its way through the colon. The water carries out any matter that might be dry and lodged in place. The exact amount of water or other type of liquid that’s used depends on the specific type of colon-cleansing method. Colonics, for example, can use up to 16 gallons (about 60 liters) of water at one time!

    eich colonic machine

    Maikon Eich Colonic Machine Machine Main Features

    1).Automatic control. The patient is able to operate by himself. Don’t need others accompany. It has patient’s privacy kept properly.
    2). Operate through touch panel and there are 2 screens display. 1 for patient to watch operation and 1 for doctor for operation and print result.
    3). Colon catheter is disposable. Guarantee once use. Open new one and destroy after use face to face.
    4). the hydrotherapy bed is scientific researched and designed, which has excretion outlet. With this bed, patient is able to have relive the bowels freely. The bed is convenient, comfortable, no pain, not leaking, no smell.
    5). Low voltage operation. It has 2 layer water and the temperature and pressure is automatic controlled by computer. This can keep safe operation.
    6). There is medicine feed device, which is suitable give medicine to colon after cleanse colon.

    clearwater colonic machine

    Eich Colonic Machine 3 parts

    Operating Screen of Eich Colonic Machine

    1. To control the whole working process of colon hydrotherapy device fully automatically
    2. Built-in the patients information management system, which can be stored, checked and printed.
    3. To play the leisure music and videos to keep the patients relaxing in the whole process.

    Eich Colonic Machine Bed

    1. Comfortable hydrotherapy bed to allow the patients to lie down to have a good time.
    2. To cleanse the colon and remove the fluids and waste in the colon of patients
    3. To inject the constant temperature drug liquid to care the colon.

    Eich Colonic Machine Exhaust Gas Discharging System

    Professional exhaust gas discharging system, which can discharge the odor of colon waste to make a clean and comfortable environment in the whole process of treatment


    eich colonic machine

    eich colonic machine

    eich colonic machine

    Tips for Colon Hydrotherapy

    1. Stay hydrated.

    Drinking plenty of water is a must if you are doing colonic hydrotherapy. Because you are at an increased risk of dehydration and electrolyte balance due to the large amount of fluid used, make sure that you are taking extra care to stay hydrated.
    2. Prevent infection.

    Any time you are inserting a foreign object into the body, you’re at an increased risk of infection. This same principle holds true for colon hydrotherapy.

    To reduce the risk of infection, make sure that your practitioner is using disposable equipment only that has never been previously used. This is crucial in staying safe from potentially harmful bacteria that can cause some serious health issues.
    3. Talk to your doctor.

    If you’re using an herbal solution, you should get a list of ingredients that will be used in your colon cleanse to take to your doctor. Some ingredients can interact with medications or might not be the best choice for you depending on your medical history.

    Your doctor will be able to take your health concerns into consideration in determining what the best fit is for you to keep you safe.

    eich colonic machine

    eich colonic machine

    eich colonic machine

    eich colonic machine

    eich colonic machine


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