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colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr
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    colon hydrotherapy FAQ

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    Does the “Colonic machine” include both a cartridge filter system and
    UV water purification systems? Yes.
    Does the “Colonic machine” include a comfortable seamless fiberglass
    A base (table) that is easy to clean and disinfect? Yes.
    Is the “Colonic Machine” an odorless system? Yes.
    Does the “Colonic machine” prevent leaks and very messy spouts? Yes.
    Does the “Colonic Machine” have a 3-foot-long, 2-inch observation tube? Yes.
    Does the “colon hydrotherapy” provide both gravity feed water and pressure controlled water? Yes.
    Can those who like to be alone operate the “colony machine” in private? Yes.
    Do “colon hydrotherapys” use small but comfortable colon hydrotherapys with low-cost colon cleaning nozzles (pencil size)? Yes.
    Is the colon hydrotherapy colonic cleaning nozzle individually packaged, single use and
    Marked as “usable only”? Yes.
    Does the “colon hydrotherapy” allow 2 inches of feces to enter the sewer? Yes.
    Whether “bowel machines” allow therapists to provide them free of charge
    Reflexology, meridian or breathing-energy techniques, etc.? Yes.
    Can clients be released without notifying their therapist? Yes.
    The “colon machine” is comfortable, cheap to operate and
    Easy to use ? Yes.
    Is it a “colony machine”; safe, durable and easy to maintain? Yes.
    is a large spectrum with a 5-foot plastic tube that costs up to
    $ 4.00 each to use on the “Colonic Machine”? None.
    Whether the “colonial machine” requires an increase in the cost of dress.
    Are the pads or extra sheets due to messy leaks and bursts? None.

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    Features of a colon hydrotherapy

    1. With drawers and cabinets

    2. Reliable and safe operation

    3. Completely simple operating system

    4. Built-in disinfection system

    5. Water pressure regulator

    6. Pipelines with connections

    7. Pressure and temperature control with safety features

    8. Precisely adjustable temperature control and shut-off valve


    colon hydrotherapy 4 parts

    Name: Control Panel

    Brand: Maicon

    Original: China

    Domestic well-known brand, sensitive, high fidelity screen makes every operation easy and efficient. You can switch between the two screens to watch TV at a leisurely pace or check the effectiveness of your treatment.
    Main features

    Name: Water level control
    Brand: Maicon
    Original: China
    37°C thermostatic control, which is the most appropriate sendable temperature. Inform the operator of the condition of the water.
    Machine parts

    Brand: Maicon
    Original: China
    The sleek body contours make the spa a homely experience. Easy to clean and durable.
    main part

    Name: Pressure gauge
    Brand: Maicon
    Original: China
    Observe water pressure to regulate the rate and frequency of blood transfusion. Ensure the most comfortable treatment.

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    Why do we need a colon hydrotherapy?

    1. Relieve constipation pain and keep away from disease

    Enteral hydrotherapy completely removes harmful feces and enterotoxins from the large intestine, relieves constipation pain, has a significant therapeutic effect on hemorrhoids and bloating, and effectively prevents digestive disorders such as colitis and rectal cancer.

    2. Regulates the intestinal tract, easy to eliminate in the body

    Intestinal hydrotherapy maintains the ecological balance of water ions in the intestine, nourishes and restores intestinal lubrication and peristalsis, and enables the long-term excretion of feces and daily food scraps.

    3, Healthy Weight Loss and Remodeling

    Intestinal spa therapy uses physical weight loss method, laxative bowel, speed up the emptying of surimi in the small intestine, avoid excessive absorption of nutrients in the body, thus greatly promoting fat breakdown, rapid reduction of abdomen, weight loss and weight loss, and reshape the body.

    4, Detoxifying and nourishing

    Intestinal hydrotherapy removes feces and toxins, thus fully and effectively improving the function of internal organs, eliminating toxins from the body, enhancing the glow of the skin, increasing the elasticity of the skin, eliminating hemorrhoids and hyperpigmentation, and rejuvenating the skin.

    5, protects the liver, nourishes the kidneys and purifies the blood.

    Intestinal hydrotherapy can eliminate the toxin content in the blood, greatly reduce the burden on the liver and kidneys, improve liver and kidney function, improve blood microcirculation, effectively treat fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, headache, memory loss, body odor, bad breath, etc.

    6, in addition to toxins, to enhance human immunity

    Intestinal hydrotherapy eliminates feces and toxins, effectively promotes the growth of intestinal wall fibers, maintains the youthful hydration and elasticity of the intestines, and enhances food digestion and nutrient absorption. It improves the function of the various organs of the body, effectively prevents the invasion of bacteria and viruses, prevents disease and prevents cancer.

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    Colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    We are the colon hydrotherapy manufacturer,we sale the colon hydrotherapy to colon hydrotherapy,we can delivery to delhi ncr by dhl,ups,offer OEM,if you need the colon hydrotherapy,please contact us.100% happy shopping and support Returns.


    Where do I need a colon hydrotherapy?

    1 Medical use

    A: Gastroenterology.

    Cleansing the colon, chronic colitis, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diarrhea, bowel obstruction, bowel dysfunction, acute pancreatitis

    B: General surgery.

    Bowel cleansing before abdominal surgery, cross infection control after abdominal surgery, conservative treatment of advanced bowel cancer, hemorrhoids, colitis.

    C: Chinese Medicine Section.

    Coloclyster, with medications to keep enemas, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, chronic pelvic inflammation.

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    How to install and use maikong colonic machine system

    D: Nephrology.

    Colon dialysis, chronic renal failure, geriatric renal failure, early chronic renal insufficiency.

    2 Health clubs and health clubs

    Since the concept of colon hydrotherapy is very popular in the United States and Europe, there are many health clubs that offer colon hydrotherapy services.

    The concept of cleaning the colon, removing toxins, and maintaining health through colon hydrotherapy is widely accepted among the European and American people.

    3. Household and personal use

    Many celebrities throughout history have greatly enjoyed colon hydrotherapy.

    *Diana, a British princess who cleans her bowels regularly.

    *:: Clinton, a former President of the United States, had a special “nursery” in his home and employed three people to perform regular bowel movements.

    * Mariah Carey is one of Hollywood’s most popular stars who used to put on weight and can lose it with spa treatments.

    *Song Mei-ling, who started from a young age, has never stopped having a bowel movement every night before going to bed, and for decades, is now the much talked about path to a long and healthy life.

    Today, people will buy colon hydrotherapy and use it in houses with constipation and colon disease.

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

    colon hydrotherapy in delhi ncr

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