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Hydro Colon Therapy Machine for sale

Hydro Colon Therapy Machine for sale
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    What is a colonic colonic hydrotherapy machine?

    Hydro Colon Therapy Machine for sale

    Hydrocolonic machines, also known as colonic cleanses or colonic douches, are often practiced as a form of alternative medicine. The stated purpose of the procedure is to remove toxins, lose weight, prevent disease, relieve constipation and promote general health and well-being. It is well known that such procedures usually involve the use of a “colonic irrigation system”, which was originally a medical device used to prepare the bowel before radiological or endoscopic procedures. Patients usually lie on a hydrotherapy bed and then filtered, thermostatic water is pumped through a catheter into the rectum. Liquids and waste are discharged through a separate tube. Large amounts of up to 60 litres of fluid can be introduced into the colon through the rectum. The process can be repeated several times.

    Colon hydrotherapy, also known as lavage, uses filtered water to thoroughly cleanse the colon and remove toxins from the body. It has the ability to improve constipation, correct diarrhea, regulate intestinal flora imbalance and prevent bowel cancer. It also has cosmetic, skin care, weight loss and regulates endocrine disorders.

    Colonic hydrotherapy is widely used in hospitals, clinics and beauty clubs in the United States and Europe. It is becoming a popular beauty and detoxification method and is considered to be the hottest natural remedy to keep the colon and body healthy.

    Hydro Colon Therapy Machine for sale

    How to use a colonic colonic hydrotherapy machine?

    Patients/servants are undressed from the waist down and properly draped during treatment. Just gently and easily insert a small colon cleansing nozzle. The colon wash nozzle is “pencil size” and is disposable after use.
    Colon Hydrotherapy Machine
    The water flows through a carbon filter which removes any sediment, rust or chlorine. The water is purified by an ultraviolet purification system before it passes through a colon cleansing nozzle. The water is warm and flows into the rectum and the waste is released naturally.

    A slow feed of UV pure temperature safe water from a gravity feed tower. Less than ten gallons of water may be used during meetings at a safe temperature of 98 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit (36.8 degrees Celsius to 38.0 degrees Celsius) (to safely control and regulate water temperature). The odour emission system ensures that the meeting rooms and the entire centre remain odour free. (The odor system is included in the purchase of the hydrocolonic treatment machine equipment)

    The base (table) of the Hydro Colon treatment machine features over three feet of clear viewing tubes that allow patients/services and therapists to easily view the waste from the release process (no odor).

    Rinse the bottom with a rinse spray after rinsing. The meeting lasted approximately 45 minutes. Humility is always protected.

    A trained colonic hydrotherapist is always nearby to monitor and provide patient/client assistance and comfort as needed.

    The hydrocolonic machine can be easily and safely sterilized at the end of each session.

    Hydro Colon Therapy Machine for sale

    What is a colon hydrotherapy machine for?

    Get rid of constipation: the colonic hydrotherapy system will dissolve and dilute the affected stool and stimulate natural bowel function. Elimination of affected faeces and toxins: Colonic hydrotherapy systems use physical methods to remove affected faeces and toxins, thereby reducing the risk of “autointoxication”.

    Not only are there residues from digested foods, but there are also many toxins, such as ammonia that can cause liver coma, hydrogen sulfide that affects the nervous system, methylindole that causes cancer, botulinum toxin, brown toxic bases, benzene, formic acid, butyric acid, etc. As we age, feces and toxins gradually accumulate in the body.

    When the intestinal mucosa absorbs the blood, they can damage the organs while causing digestive disorders and skin problems, even though they can worsen blood pressure problems, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other symptoms. The prolonged accumulation of affected feces in the colon is an important cause of colorectal cancer.

    Gynecological and skin disinfection: Colonic hydrotherapy systems (except comfort) have ozone generators that produce ozonated water to disinfect harmful bacteria. In addition to removing surface skin bacteria, it can also be used to kill harmful bacteria that can cause gynecological inflammation, and therefore can be used to treat vulvar inflammation.

    Hydro Colon Therapy Machine for sale

    Hydro Colon Therapy Machine for sale

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    Hydro Colon Therapy Machine for sale

    what does a colonic machine look like here show you picture

    Who can benefit from a colonic spa treatment machine?

    Liver and kidney disease
    chronic gastroenteritis
    abnormal blood pressure
    High concentration of uric acid
    Fear of cancer.
    Gynecological diseases
    Chasing a Healthy Fashion
    Fatigue, fatigue.
    prolonged insomnia
    Tension and irritability.
    A desire for health, longevity and beauty.

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